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 TetraMetrix Premier Event

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TetraMetrix Events

TetraMetrix premier events are the gold standard. These top tier events benchmark athlete performance, allowing athletes to monitor their progress, and receive prescriptive advice as they work toward their goals.

Partner Events

Want us to help you host an event? TetraMetrix will provide the software, equipment, and the on-field expertise. Perfect for high schools, colleges and universities, professional teams, and fundraisers.

Tech Events

TetraMetrix certified event techs can promote and run their own events using our proprietary TetraMetrix techniques, software, and equipment, sharing in the proceeds generated from their events.

What We Do

  • Premium TetraMetrix Hosted Events
  • Partner Hosted TetraMetrix Events
  • Tech Hosted TetraMetrix Events
  • Athlete Performance Benchmarking
  • Athlete Performance Improvement
  • Athlete Personality Assessments
  • Connect Athletes With Coaches
  • Connect Athletes With Recruiters
  • Make it easy to host your own events!

What is TetraMetrix

TetraMetrix is laser focused on improving athlete performance at every level. Using our proprietary system of performance benchmarking and customized prescriptive performance improvement techniques, our member athletes receive the tools and advice they need to reach their performance goals. And, TetraMetrix provides the platform for athletes, coaches, and recruiters across the country and the world to connect.

If you are an athlete looking to compete at the highest level, TetraMetrix performance enhancing solutions can help you. Proessional athletes, college students, high school students, and weekend warriors alike, will achieve their performance goals using our proprietary performance improvement techniques.

Our performance enhancement solutions are perfect for coaches that are looking to give their athletes a competitive edge, or for other sports professionals that are looking to host their own athletic events.

If you'd like to know more, visit our Services page, or feel free to Contact us for more information.