Event Date Host City
Vancouver Wildcats Softball 13 14 2019-09-21 Vancouver
Landrum Middle School Baseball GAA 2019-09-30 Jacksonville
U12 Boost Full Athlete Testing 2019-10-02 Jacksonville
 TetraMetrix Premier Event

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Locker Room

With TetraMetrix Locker Room, coaches and trainers have a branded presence upon which to manage and grow their programs. This includes event management, one-on-one training, video coaching, product sales, field equipment, and much more.

Bridging The Gap

TetraMetrix provides a platform for athletes and coaches to connect, not only through Locker Room, but also through video coaching, and shared profiles. We remove the logistical barriers to effective coaching, connecting athletes with coaches.

Event Management

TetraMetrix has developed a core set of event templates to standardize combines, showcases, and events for youth, collegiate, and professional organizations. And, our SportLink platform integrates seamlessly with Swift field equipment.

What We Do

  • Premium TetraMetrix Hosted Events
  • Partner Hosted TetraMetrix Events
  • Tech Hosted TetraMetrix Events
  • Athlete Performance Benchmarking
  • Athlete Performance Improvement
  • Locker Room
  • Connect Athletes With Coaches
  • Connect Athletes With Recruiters
  • Make it easy to host your own events!

What is TetraMetrix

If you are a coach or trainer, TetraMetrix is just what you have been looking for. With our Locker Room platform, you can communicate with your athletes, manage monthly subscriptions, provide coaching, track results, sell your digital content to athletes, provide video coaching, run all types of events from combines to group training events, and much more, all within a platform branded specifically for you.

Want to know more? Please visit our services page, or contact us for more information.
If you are an athlete looking to compete at the highest level, TetraMetrix helps you connect with the coaches and trainers that can get you there, as well as providing access to coaching content that is tailored to the elements of your game or technique that will produce the best results. Professional athletes and weekend warriors alike will achieve their performance goals through TetraMetrix.

TetraMetrix is laser focused on providing coaches and trainers with the tools to effectively deliver their coaching to athletes at every level.