The Perfect Method

Physical Readiness

Running your best demands power and speed, which are the result of a series of coordinated movements. Get these functional movement patterns right by following a continuous program that focuses on strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, and balance. Carl Lewis and his team of coaches have designed workouts that develop your functional fitness as a runner and conform to the training and competitive seasons. You’ll be able to tune your training to the high demand periods and off-season opportunities. Beyond the workouts, physical readiness includes warming up correctly for every practice and competition AND proper nutrition, which helps performance and improves recovery time. Whether you want to optimize your health or measure your nutritional deficiencies at the micro level to maximize your physical performance, The Perfect Method offers guidelines and tools to help you fuel your body right.

Technical Skills

Technique should always be based on science, and it’s important to apply these scientific principles correctly. For the first time, The Perfect Method presents the information in a way that's easy to understand and emulate. Carl Lewis learned these skills from his parents, and then from the internationally respected coach Tom Tellez. What he learned from them was the key reason for his success. Because it’s based on the fundamental principles of human motion, this information has stood the test of time. Focus on the details, then practice each one until you're doing it right consistently. There aren't any shortcuts. Be patient, and trust the process used by the masters of running.

The Mental Edge

Athletic training is hard. To stay on track you need to have the right goal that motivates you – it’s the one that's possible but beyond what's predictable. The right plan removes the barriers to your success and shows you a clear path to achieving your our dream. From there, it's about doing the work and maintaining the commitment by believing in yourself and trusting the process. You have to focus, accept coaching instruction and probably make some sacrifices. From there and if you’re a competitive athlete putting it all in the line, just like our nation’s military personnel and top business leaders, you need to know how to perform under pressure and very high levels of stress. Your mental edge is as important as your physical talent. We've teamed with world-class performance psychologists to help you strengthen yours.

Olympic Legend Carl Lewis

"There’s one way to run your best. Trust the science and stand on the shoulders of those who’ve come before you. Focus on every detail and practice it until you do it right. Then do it right consistently."

"The pursuit of perfection is a journey. Start anywhere, and enjoy the journey. If you don’t start, you’ll never get there.”