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Physical Readiness

Enjoy the results of a program that builds power, speed, endurance, and coordination. Focus on the functional movement patterns you need to run your best.

Technical Skills

Drills and training plans instill the correct mechanics to maximize your running efficiency. The science of human motion says there’s only one way to run your fastest.

The Mental Edge

Successful athletes set goals, follow a plan, and celebrate accomplishments. Develop new habits to build the confidence to perform under pressure.

Learn From Carl Lewis!

The Perfect Method is a proven and measurable way for all runners to achieve their goals. Developed by Carl Lewis, track and field's "Athlete of the Century", The Perfect Method is a step-by-step program that prepares runners by focusing on their habits both on and off the track. The Perfect Method gives athletes and coaches everything they need to compete at the highest level: technical running skills, seasonal conditioning, optimized nutrition, mental preparation, and discipline.

Mr. Lewis is the International Olympic Committee Sportsman of the Century. He is a 5 Time USA Track and Field Olympian, winner of 9 Olympic Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal, and 8 World Championship Gold Medals. His 4 victories at the 1984 Olympics matched the record set by Jesse Owens in 1936. Mr. Lewis set 12 World Records in an 18 year career, and was Olympic Long Jump Champion 4 times consecutively (1984-96). His 1984 Indoor World Record of 8.79 meters still stands. He has jumped over 28 feet 71 times and is universally considered the greatest long jumper ever.

Mr. Lewis also serves as an Assistant Coach at the University of Houston.

An activist for family, youth, education, wellness, and fitness, Lewis brings his international celebrity to attract awareness to these issues around the world. He supports "Best Buddies", The Wendy Marx Foundation, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and many youth fitness groups. Mr. Lewis is also a United Nations Ambassador for the Food and Agricultural Organization.

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"When one of my athletes tells me, ’I just can’t do it Coach’, I tell them, ‘You just haven’t done it yet.’ Then we get back to work.”

“If you want to run fast, you have to run fast.”