A good combine or showcase provides developmental feedback on how to improve your baseball performance. TMX Baseball isn’t here to measure the measurables, we are here to develop the measurables. With prescriptive development feedback from qualified coaches, TMX Baseball seeks to break the mold and redefine the combine.

The SportLink Platform

Gathering accurate data is important, but being able to present that data in an easy to use format for both players and coaches is as equally important. SportLink is a proprietary web-based platform that features interactive profiles, sports technology integration, performance improvement functions, and coaching assessment and analysis tools. SportLink is the engine that drives the data collection of TMX Baseball by automatically and seamlessly connecting and porting performance data right to every player’s athlete profile. As events are being run, anyone in attendance can view results in real time, as they happen. Parents can track their athlete’s results immediately after they run a drill, coaches can set up profiles to communicate with athletes, and recruiters and/or scouts can view live leader boards for each drill, identifying the player they feel meets their current needs.

The SportLink Locker Room

The premium service of the TMX Baseball system is Locker Room. When organizations adopt the Locker Room, the power of SportLink’s enterprise software application is now in their hands. Coupled with the TMX hub model and sports technology packages, the Locker Room becomes the ultimate athlete experience. The Locker Room gives a coach, team, facility, or instructor administrative capabilities and control of the entire software platform and puts them in charge of all the content creation and distribution to their network. The platform is fully branded for a personalized touch, hosted with a unique URL, and can be connected to an organization’s pre-existing website. And, Locker Room’s built-in messaging system makes sharing content and instructional videos easier, and allows the admin to select and disseminate this information to specific groups of their choosing.


Want to bring the TMX Baseball system to your team? Facility? Event? Managed events are a fantastic opportunity to bring cutting edge technology and developmental feedback to your players. You provide the facility and the players and TMX Baseball provides the testing systems and technology pieces. Learn how managed events can even generate revenue for you, your team or your facility.

At TMX Baseball premier events, we pull out all the stops. Our full technological prowess is on display as we showcase the Swift Light systems, GVert, and Rapsodo hitting and pitching devices to deliver the most technologically advanced baseball combine on the market.