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Virtual Training

Engineered Performance Labs utilizes a proprietary online platform that features interactive profiles, sports technology integration, performance improvement functions, coaching assessment and analysis tools, and custom product packages. Athletes, coaches, and recruiters use our system as an online community to share, learn, and grow together.

Performance Lab Evaluations

Athlete Performance Evaluations are conducted by our experienced staff to recognize muscular imbalances that will limit athletic performance. Athletes will receive a full range of motion evaluation, strength evaluation, and sprint mechanical analysis. Pitchers will also receive mechanical analysis of current pitching mechanics.

Partner Events

Our certified event staff provide event management services for showcases and tournaments. We use state of the art technology to streamline your administration’s logistics, provide data reporting and leaderboards, as well as enhance the overall experience of the players, coaches, and teams. Partner with Engineered Performance Labs today!


  • Pitcher Performance Testing
  • Athlete Mental Performance
  • Pitching Coach Certification
  • Pitching Drill Library
  • Connect Athletes with Recruiters
  • Nutrition Consultations
  • Engineered Performance Mapping
  • Virtual Instruction
  • Athlete Performance Testing

What is Engineered Performance Lab

Engineered Performance Lab provides comprehensive testing and assessments for athletes, and delivers customized programs for every individual. We Test: 64+ Planes of Motion, Strength Ratios of 20 Different Muscles, Polymeric Assessment of the Lower Body, Muscle Response Time Testing, Peak Muscle Strength Testing, and Injury Potential Assessment. Through our online system, strength training programs and flexibility programs are provided following the assessments. Custom exercises, performance plans, and training videos are all available in the content library. Once the athlete receives the roadmap to achieve their goals, they can schedule training with our certified staff or work with a facility of their choosing. Regardless of an athlete’s training preference, each becomes a member of the Engineered Performance Lab’s online community and will have access to our team, ongoing exclusive message board communication and feedback, video analysis, and program updates.

Engineered Performance Lab provides professional development and training for strength and conditioning coaches and physical therapists interested in enhancing their organization’s services and/or overall team performance. Our authorized lesson plans, communication platform, and continuing education programming ensure that your administration is fully supported and has the ability to successfully navigate our online suite of technology.
Engineered Performance Lab presents a wealth of partnership opportunities for organizations who have the desire to share their curriculum, expertise, and service to a broader base and ever-growing membership network. We look forward to exploring the potential to collaborate with your organization.

If you'd like to know more, visit our Contact us page to submit your information.