At B3 Better we are always looking for ways to bring you cutting edge, efficient, customized training programs. We have developed an app, wearable technology, and software platform that integrate with our testing methods to bring customized training to the palm of your hand. We have made our mark on the personal and team training industry by doing away with generalized drills and strength and conditioning practices that do not serve a defined purpose. Instead, we evaluate the needs of individual athletes and build custom programs that follow a proven system.

With our remote training and management system, our certified coaches can work with you remotely to monitor your training and analyze crucial performance data. We implement periodic athlete evaluations to see if we are gaining the strength and power we desire, and determine if the procedures are enhancing functional movement and lifestyle improvements. Most training programs do not consider the functionality of the body, musculoskeletal deviations, or holding patterns in their design. WE DO! Our foundational goal is to ensure that we do not build or add to any deficiencies, because building strength on top of dysfunction leads to negative effects and potential injury. Come join our training community and take your game to it's peak potential!

Acheiving Balance

Balance is the foundation of everything in life. The Chinese believe that for each yin, there is a corresponding yang. And Sir Isaac Newton's third law of motion states that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Similarly, balance is required to acheive our potential in athletics, business, and life. As an athlete attempts to change direction with speed, having proper balance is critical, allowing to flow from movement to movement with perfect timing and synergy.

Balance is acheived through harmony of mind, body, and spirit. The key elements for acheiving this harmony are proper nutrition, healthy sprituality, and the right balance of rest and activity. The world runs 24/7, but you and I cannot. Balance is necessary to avoid exhaustion, stay the course, and acheive our potential.

Being Bold

Being bold is necessary to acheive maximum potentiual, and push past mediocrity. Being bold is not about arrogance, it is about having confidence in one's abilities. Being bold in goal setting is key to pushing past the obstacles, even when “the numbers” do not look right. Boldly stepping forward and reaching for your goals is what we emphasize.

Being bold is about taking the road less traveled, even when the world tells you to follow a different path. We were all raised to dream big, but somewhere along the way we were stripped of our instinct to be bold and take chances. Without failure, we can’t have success. We must have the confidence to swing for the fence when the game is on the line. Being BOLD isn’t being careless or reckless in your approach to life, business, or sport, it’s about executing a meticulous and precise plan to boldly pursue your goals.


Once you make a bold move toward acheiving you goals, it is important that you believe in yourself. Belief gives you the proper mindset to be competitive in all aspects of your life, and it is critical for personal development. Believing in your ability to succeed while making a bold move is the approach LeBron James takes when making imnportant decisions on and off the court. All businesses start off with a belief in a fundamental idea. This idea and vision creates the belief to defy the odds and reach for greatness. Belief is what drove author J.K Rowling of the famed Harry Potter novels to build a literay empire from scribbles on a napkin. The audacity to believe in the seemingly unattainable is what separates us from the animal kingdom.

Life is hard, as the saying goes, and believing in yourself is crucial to success. More than 50 percent of the battle is won or lost based upon belief. Studies have shown that people who believe in themselves are ten times more likely to succeed. We believe in your potential at B3 Better. You were bold enough to visit this site and take the first step, now take the next step in your journey and let us help you succeed.