Performance Technology

Tetrametrix was designed to bring modern technology and data analysis to all sports, including accurate and objective procedures, game specific functional drills, developmental feedback from qualified coaches, and the SportLink platform to bring it all together.

Performance Technology

  • Swift Performance Systems

    Swift Performance offers cutting dual beam timing technology that gives TetraMetrix the most accurate timing solution on the market. This easy to use system allows our techs the flexibility to create drills, give sensory movement cues and record times, all from the convenience of a tablet.

  • GVert Technologies

    GVert sensors give TetraMetrix an unprecedented look into how to manage stress on an athlete’s body. With GVert, our tech’s are capable of measuring vertical jump height, power output, and movement stress levels to aid in greater developmental input.

  • SportLink

    SportLink is a game changer. It gives athletes and coaches the means to understand and manage athlete performance, access video coaching and other performance enhancing tools, plan and manage training and combine events, connecting athletes and coaches, and so much more.

Our Incredible Partners

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